The Davis Toad Tunnel: A look at the tunnel that became another Davis landmark...


Toad Tunnel
A toad statuette stands guard over the eastern entrance to the toad tunnel.

The Davis Toad Tunnel
by Denny Yau

The Beginning
The Grand Opening
The Critics
The Lessons
The End

Landscape Architecture 30 - Section 5
Term Project, Winter Quarter 2000
Professor Steve McNiel

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Originally constructed in 1996 to provide local toads a means with which to cross Pole Line Road without injury during the migration season, the toad tunnel has since become another monument in a long list of local developments that have caught the attention of the national media. While current studies have revealed that the toad tunnel has been largely unused (by its intended users, the toads) over its four-year history, the popularity of the tunnel among its human creators and observers alike hasn't waned a bit.

Come explore the humble roots of our city's toad tunnel.
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The Beginning

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